Recently, I’ve been exploring the ethereum eco-system and investigating different projects. There is a lot of nice visualizations, buzzwords, and up-only charts on each project website, but you have to see through all that to find what is their real value. For the rest of this post, I will assume that you know about ethereum, NFTs, IPFS, and have a little technical knowledge.

The nice thing about blockchain projects is that almost everything is public, so you have a lot of data to work with and there is no need to do manual web scraping thanks to the Ethereum APIs…

The laziest way to track your habits, by a programmer for all programmers!


For a long period of time, I have been trying to add new habits to my daily life. I tried various applications, paper templates, etc. but none of them worked well. I usually forget to fill them or feel so tired to do so. Recently, I got a new Google nest mini and It was fun chatting a little bit with it before sleep. So, I thought why not program the google assistant to track my habits for me.

How it works

Me: “Hey Google, Talk to Habit Tracker”
Assistant: “Getting the test version of Habit Tracker”
HabitTracker: “Did you exercise today?”
Me: “Yes”
… more questions…

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Recently, I started reading the book “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah and as I read more, I got more familiar with the history of South Africa, especially apartheid. And I realized, peculiar similarities between apartheid laws and some laws I have faced recently. Apartheid was the system that divided people between different colors. You could be, white, colored, black, Indian, etc. And people with different colors couldn’t live together, marry each other, etc. The brilliance of the system was that different groups of people hated each other for different reasons and enabled the government to control them. Colored people…

Amin Moghaddam

Master student in computer science at ETH

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